Beck’s brewing for seniors – a beer prohibited for the under 70s

By on Thursday, April 27, 2023

Lots of breweries appeal to the younger generations of booze drinkers, but Beck’s Brewery have taken a different path – through tailoring their new limited edition range to older generations, with a beer exclusively for their more mature drinkers. Partnering with AKQA, they created an anti-ageist campaign that includes an exclusive event at Gop Tun Festival, where some VIP over 70s will sample the beverage. They also created a short film that harps back to the iconic Michael Cera and Jonah Hill movie, Superbad.

Our taste buds change with age, and we typically become increasingly resistant to bitter tastes, meaning that older people miss out on the distinctive bitterness of beer. This tipple is extra bitter to compensate for this change, and therefore provides a unique product which is truly inclusive of all drinkers. “Aging well is being able to continue enjoying all the most delicious experiences in life – including a great beer. It is a dialogue with the pro-aging culture movement, which understands that age does not limit people’s desires and aspirations.” says Rodrigo Barbosa, Creative Director at AKQA.



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