Tesco launch possibly the world’s most targeted billboard ad

By on Friday, March 17, 2023

Tesco have created a billboard with incredibly specific targeted messaging projected onto it.

The Tesco Express, located in Charlemont Square, Dublin, was faced with the issue that, although the new development had a lot of footfall, the latest Tesco Express store was difficult to locate.

As such, they decided to use a copywriter and projector to craft bespoke messages aimed at the people walking nearby.

The copywriter uses imaginative and attention-grabbing phrases aimed at passers-by, which ensure that not only does the billboard get noticed, but many people photograph and post about it on social media.

Sam Caren, creative lead at BBH Dublin, who created the campaign, said: “First impressions are important and they say you only get to make one. With this approach, we get to make an impactful impression, multiple times, on multiple people and have a ton of fun doing it while answering the brief of letting people know the new store’s location. Just because something is functional and hard-working doesn’t mean it has to be boring.”

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