Mo’cycle launches ‘airbag jeans’ to protect motorcyclists during crashes

By on Friday, February 17, 2023

Swedish company Mo’cycle helps to create a safer riding experience for motorcyclists with Airbag Jeans

For a motorcyclist there are limited products out there to protect you from harm during a collision or crash, other than wearing a helmet and more protective clothing. However, the company Mo’cycle has created the most revolutionary protective clothing yet, with Airbag Jeans

mo'cycle's airbag jeans inflate to protect the lower body from motorcycle accidents

For the jeans to work, the motorcyclist connects the jeans to the bike with a mechanical trigger belt, and the jeans will automatically inflate in the event of a crash. Whilst the jeans will protect the knees and hips from damage, the inflatables don’t extend down to the knee, so the shins will actually be exposed to damage.

The jeans can be washed when the airbags are unzipped, and can also be reused after a collision by replacing the CO2 cartridge.

Lots of sports companies have updated their technology and clothing in the event of crisis. For example, last year the French sportswear brand In & Motion created STAN, the first airbag backpack able to protect the heads of cyclists.

The Airbag Jeans will be launched soon through a crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo.

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