Pet Food brand encourages nutritional diets with tiny billboards in dog poop

By on Friday, November 4, 2022

JustFoodForDogs have left ‘mini billboards’ in dog poo left around New York to promote their products and advise owners how they can improve their pets diets

The clever stunt was run by the NYC agency, Walrus. They left TONNES of notes to help educate the public. Like humans, understanding poop can clearly help solve the problem to what’s going wrong in a dogs diet –

Deacon Webster, founder and CCO of Walrus said: “The brief was ‘Fresh dog food made the hard way,’ and what that means is that JustFoodForDogs cuts no corners in making its food.”

In response to the stunt, Steve Joyce, CMO of JustFoodForDogs, said: “When the agency came to me originally, I poo-poo’d the idea but I quickly realized this was a great opportunity for a bit of real-world education.”

The pet brand also released some other ‘non poop’ billboards on NYC and Brooklyn high-streets! 🐶


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