Corona turns a dead phone into blessing with new mobile charging beer fridge

By on Monday, October 17, 2022

Corona has asked the question, ‘what would you do if we could make disconnecting more enjoyable?’. Helpfully, the Beer behemoth has also provided people with the answer in the form an innovative and creative solution: ‘turning a dying phone into a round of coronas’.

Introducing, the ‘Corona Recharge’, a fridge that charges your phone while you connect with the people around you.

The concept of the fridge is simple. If your phone is below 10% and you plug your phone in to the fridge, the doors will open with Coronas waiting inside. The fridge even has a bottle opener, making it easy for you to enjoy the Corona experience. Corona have managed to turn a frustrating experience into a fun one, as Corona says ‘cheers to a dying phone’. The Mexican beer brand, Corona collaborated with Wieden+Kennedy Portland and Canadian creative collective ThinkingBox.

The campaign is happening in Italy, where Winelivery a delivery service is offering the opportunity for a digital version of the Recharge experience through the rest of the country.

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