Chocastrophe…Galaxy research reveals Brits are eating chocolate all wrong

By on Monday, October 17, 2022

Millions of Brits are eating chocolate all wrong, according to a new scientific study released today.

 This comes despite the UK being a nation of chocoholics with one in three (34%) admitting that scoffing chocolate is a daily occurrence for them, and a further 58% say it’s their favourite treat. New scientific research from chocolate brand Galaxy has settled the debate on whether chocolate should be kept in the fridge, or the cupboard.


To help educate Brits, Galaxy has teamed up with wine expert, Olly Smith, who stars in a quirky new video explaining the ‘Ten Commandments of How to Eat Chocolate’. 



The ‘Ten Commandments of How to Eat Chocolate’ according to science are: 


1.      Chocolate at Elevenses – Consume earlier in the day with a fresh palate for a great mid-morning caffeine boost to help power through until lunch 

2.     Do not store in the fridge– Store chocolate at 18 degrees to prevent oxidation, sugar bloom and any transfer of odours 

3.     Let it melt, don’t chew! – By letting it melt you’re allowing cocoa butter to coat your mouth, allowing you to experience all flavours 

4.    Eat in small quantitiesEat up to six pieces of 4-gram portions to prevent overstimulation of the tastebuds 

5.    Use all your senses – Sight, smell, texture, and even hearing is all part of the experience 

6.    Make it snappy – When chocolate snaps, it means it is tempered correctly and has the right structure and quality 

7.     No distractions – Chocolate has so many volatiles and nuances, give it as much attention as it deserves, this will boost the overall experience 

8.    Unexpected pairings – Try sweet chocolate (milk or white) with bitter foods or bitter chocolate with saltier foods 

9.    Wait for the aftertaste– Some chocolates can leave a 45-minute aftertaste, but in most cases a 15-minute wait will suffice 

10.  Don’t mix – Mixing different types of chocolate can overstimulate tastebuds, so avoid mixing different types (e.g. milk and dark chocolate) 


Victoria Gell, Brand Director, Galaxy chocolate said “With over half of the UK stating chocolate is their favourite treat we’re keen to share these tips to help create the ultimate indulgent pleasure experience.  

At Galaxy we know a thing or two about that thanks to our silky, smooth chocolate setting the gold standard for taste. We want to help Brits understand the subtle nuances and characteristics of chocolate while of course giving it the full respect it deserves!” 

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