Agency launches brutally honest recruitment campaign

By on Thursday, September 15, 2022

A Manchester-based creative agency has launched an ‘honest’ recruitment campaign.

A series of attention-seeking job ads have been spotted around town this week.

One ad for a video editor asks ‘Can you make boring people look interesting? You’ll be good for our clients then.’

Some may think these went a bit too far.

But then, the agency are called Offended.

Another poster warns potential recruits ‘If you apply for this position and you’re shit, we won’t hire you.’

Co-founder Dan Kelsall wrote in a post on Linked In ‘Some people aren’t going to like these job ads. Which is kind of the point.’

‘We’ve been lecturing our clients for ages on the importance of being honest and transparent (and using humour) in your employer brand and recruitment marketing. Gone are the days of overselling a job or company, only for your new starter to realise it’s an utter shitshow the minute they set foot through the door.’

‘Doesn’t matter where you work, nothing’s that shiny. There are always good parts, and crap parts. So, if you’re honest about what it’s really like to work for you, warts and all, you’ll not only attract the right people, you’ll also retain them because they knew what to expect from day dot.’

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