Pizza Pizza launch cheeky new ‘Everyone Deserves Pizza’ Pie charts

By on Thursday, August 18, 2022

To pineapple, or not to pineapple? That is the question.

Well, whether you like pineapple on your pizza or detest it, Pizza Pizza’s new campaign is here to say that at the end of the day, despite our many differences, ‘Everyone Deserves Pizza’.

The homegrown Canadian pizza company have been turning pizzas into clever and culturally relevant pie charts in their latest campaign, developed by agency partner Zulu Alpha Kilo.

This marks Pizza Pizza’s second execution of its new brand platform, ‘Everyone Deserves Pizza’, which launched with the inventive ‘Fixed-Rate Pizza’ program earlier this summer. This most recent, even cheekier campaign features over 60 custom headlines, popping up over a wide array of channels including city-specific digital OOH, bus wraps, and social to programmatic display

Some of our favourites include: the social placement which shows a pie chart made up of ‘Facebook users, Twitter users, and the notably smaller group of ‘Myspace users’; the highway OOH board comparing ‘People who carpool’ with ‘People with pools in their cars’; and the more Canada-specific ‘People who say Toronto’ vs ‘People who say Turronno’ – an ongoing local debate. But again, even if you for some reason have a pool in your car (surely a nightmare to clean?), Pizza Pizza believe you still deserve pizza.

Adrian Fuoco, Vice-President of marketing for Pizza Pizza, said: “As the brand that aims to represent all Canadians’ pizza-related wants and needs, the pizza pie charts are the perfect demonstration of our commitment. At the same time, we wanted to stay true to our brand personality and bring some levity to Canadians”.

And Brian Murray, executive creative director at Zulu, agreed with Fuoco: “The ‘pizza pie chart’ executional device is simple, fun, versatile, and very product-forward. Using contextually relevant headlines demonstrates Pizza Pizza’s understanding of Canadians in a playful but insightful way,”

Remember to share some pizza today, everyone.

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