Heineken takes on New Yorkers’ poor work-life balance with projection campaign

By on Tuesday, July 26, 2022

Heineken has pulled off an impressive Manhattan stunt to challenge the late working culture in the city.

The campaign spotlights (literally) late night working and aims to highlight how this negatively impacts the wider lives of office workers within the city that never sleeps.

Targeting solitary office workers hunched over their screens working long into the night, the stunt involved the brand projecting its core message of a good work-life balance on to windows for all to see.

Via this crafty campaign, Heineken is dissipating a message which will be received globally, inviting other nations beset by hustle culture to partake in the conversation to subvert and extinguish the urge to work late into the night.

Bram Westenbrink, global brand head at Heineken, spoke about the impetus behind the campaign, commenting that “[A]s a brand that is built around the celebration of real moments of human connection, we strongly believe that life is about making time for friends over a beer, and not for late nights in the office alone…

“Through this campaign, we are challenging the culture of overworking that continues to get in the way of moments that matter. By projecting our ad on to a building where people were working late into the evening, we hope to encourage people to reprioritize the ‘life’ in ‘work-life balance.’”

Heineken has been busy tackling the topic of work-life imbalance in a new ad that humorously features a high-tech bottle opener that immediately shuts all work applications when a bottle of beer is opened with it.

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Agency: Publicis Italy and Le Pub.

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