Artist uses AI technology to give the world’s cities a utopian makeover

By on Tuesday, July 26, 2022

If you’re sick of the familiar endless grey of cityscapes across the world, you might want to check out twitter account @betterstreetAI. The account posts re-imaginings of everyday city streets, created using artificial intelligence technology.

Re-imagining of Freedom Way, Cincinnati, Ohio.

The account not only demonstrates pre-existing dangers posed by our city’s roads to pedestrians and cyclists alike, but also uses technological advancements within the field of artificial intelligence, to propose a solution. Twitter user @betterstreetAI created these renderings using the programme DALL-E 2; which uses technology capable of turning a snapshot of a street into a visual of what a safer and more pedestrian-friendly alternative of the space could look like.

Re-imagining of Park Avenue, New York City.

As well as providing safer alternatives to the motorist-centred cities of today, this collection of images also inadvertently proposes a view into how designs such as these may help to combat pollution levels in inner-city areas.

The account, originally showing mostly image renderings of U.S. cities, has branched out following its recent fame; now showing examples of reimagined urban areas from across the globe.

Twitter users around the world have also begun sending in images of their own local streets.

George Street today (left), vs. a people-friendly alternative (right).

User @betterstreetAI responded to the above request, sent in by a fan of the page (left), with not only the alternative picture above (right) but also a further three alternatives of the streetscape, using the DALL-E 2 technology, as picture below.

Re-imaging of George Street, Edinburgh.

To find out more, go to the Twitter page by clicking here.

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