Tesco Mobile designs phone parasol as ‘must have’ holiday accessory

By on Tuesday, July 26, 2022

With summer holidays in full swing and the kids now off for 6-weeks, Tesco Mobile have created a ‘must-have’ gadget.

The mini mobile phone umbrella is designed to block sun rays to stop phones overheating and screen glare.

Searches for ‘how to keep phone cool’ have risen by 17% in the last month, and close to 80,000 Amazon searches have been recorded for anti-glare and anti-glare screen products this year.

The handy parasol has been designed to celebrate Tesco Mobile being one of the only networks to offer Home From Home roaming in 48 destinations in Europe and beyond, at no extra cost.

Rachel Swift, Tesco Mobile Chief Customer Officer, said: “As families prepare to enjoy themselves at home or abroad this summer, we know that there’s always a desire to stay connected. Everyone can relate to the difficulties we face when trying to read our phone on the beach. That’s why we’ve created a little something to help you take the perfect beach selfie and scroll aimlessly all whilst allowing our customers to continue to roam in Europe and beyond at no extra cost. Happy scrolling!”

Agency: John Doe

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