e-bike brand Dott demonstrate absurdity of road-hogging cars with stunt

By on Tuesday, May 31, 2022

e-bike rental firm Dott have dispatched cyclists onto the streets of London, Paris and Brussels wearing car-shaped frames to make the point that vehicles are “hogging” our roads.

The brand want show how the city can be transformed if more people switched from driving to cycling and highlight the potential space savings.

Dott riders took to the streets of Hammersmith today wearing a specially designed car frame to demonstrate how single occupancy car journeys take up room for at least four cyclists.

Dott say “By reducing the number of cars on London’s roads by just 20,000 cars, over 88km of roads could be freed up, equivalent to more than the length of the north and south circular roads combined and enough space for over 80,000 bikes. And that’s a modest target, equal to under 1% of London’s 2.64 million registered cars.”

Henri Moissinac, Co-Founder and CEO, Dott, said: “Our latest project highlights the absurdity of single drivers hogging the capital’s roads, when other forms of transport are openly available and so much better for both the individual and the community. It’s time we reimagined how we travel across our cities, which is why we’re here to unlock London with clean rides for everyone. Following the successful introduction of our e-scooters, our latest fleet of e-bikes offer a safe, affordable, sustainable and effortless journey. In the coming weeks, we’ll be collaborating with boroughs to expand our fleet across the city to help Londoners unlock their city and everything it has to offer.”



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