McCann Santiago gives penis graffiti a purpose

By on Monday, March 21, 2022

The agency has teamed up with The National Institute of Chile in a fun campaign to battle testicular cancer.

The ubiquitous cock ‘n’ balls, who hasn’t delicately shaped one onto a friend’s forehead whilst they’re semiconscious? Well, the creative team at McCann Santiago certainly know how to utilise this nifty doodle. They’ve stuck hundreds of Graffitesti stickers over the top penises in Santiago – teaching men how to detect testicular tumours with three simple steps: Touch, Repeat, Check.

In Chile, every year, around 100 men die from testicular cancer, a disease that targets young men from the ages of 25 to 45. Through early detection, the chances of survival are greatly increased, with 95% of cases expecting a good prognosis and a speedy recovery.

Felipe Abufhele, creative director of the agency, states that: “we wanted to collaborate in a different way with this important cause. We seek to lower the number of deaths, delivering a disruptive message that helps to raise awareness about the early detection of this deadly disease.”

The second part of the campaign enabled people to create their own Graffitesti by using a filter on the @graffitesti Instagram account. This generated 250,000 hits just 48 hours after its launch.

Check out their Insta @graffitesti and website And don’t forget yourself.

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