Until the US get free healthcare, this sportswear brand offers American customers a discount

By on Monday, October 11, 2021

For Swedish sportswear brand, Craft, the idea of paying for healthcare in one of the richest countries didn’t add up.

Without the ability to take it into their own hands and offer US customers health insurance, Craft is offering US customers and exclusive discount as part of their “Universal Health Wear” campaign which offers 10.7% off select lines of sportswear. The deal will be available for US customers until the country rolls out universal healthcare.

In the campaign video, a woman explains that the 10.7 refers to the amount of taxes Swedish citizens pay in order for everyone to receive free healthcare. Craft hopes that the discount will act as an incentive for Americans, who are still waiting on the change, to uptake a more active lifestyle and lessen their need for emergency care.


Erik Schenker, CEO at Craft North America, said “The healthcare situation in America can become desperate for some U.S. citizens, and it doesn’t have to be that way. Craft is hoping we can contribute to changing perceptions about universal health care while reminding everyone that exercise can have a positive impact on overall health. We understand that offering this discount isn’t going to fix the problem, but we hope it helps spark some thinking that can lead to a solution. It might take a while, but we hope we get to remove the discount at some point not too far into the future.”

Craft has created a film promoting their initiative, which will run on their social channels as well as additional assets that will be seen in print and outdoor adds. It was developed in partnership with ad agency INGO Stockholm



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