Ikea’s buff bodyguard bears protect homes with care

By on Friday, October 8, 2021

To demonstrate Ikea’s core value of feeling safe, happy, and comfortable in the home – the Swedish retailer has worked with creative agency Mother to create an ad spot full of super hench bears.

The shredded stuffed characters act as protectors of the home, ensuring uninterrupted quality time spent with family and friends. From deadlifting furniture to create a ‘cinema room’ to crushing the father’s phone due to incoming calls from work – these bodyguards will do whatever it takes.

“As the foundation of our well-being and happiness, at Ikea, we believe that everyone deserves a home where they feel safe, happy, and comfortable, wherever they live,” said Kemi Anthony, marketing communications manager at Ikea.

In this way, the bears represent the entirety of Ikeas product range – ensuring that people stay feeling safe, and comfortable in their home with IKEA.

The campaign extends into social with a series of amusing videos debunking the common cliches on creating a calm environment at home. In-store activity will further support the campaign, with bookable workshops and sessions for customers across the UK.

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