Artist creates pasta box handbag inspired by Barilla

By on Thursday, August 5, 2021

New York designer, Nik Bentel has created a handbag inspired by the classic Barilla pasta box.

The ltd. edition handbag takes the form of a Barilla blue box in a matchable shade with detachable gold link chain.

Bentel, who is known for his often humorous projects, came up with the idea while staring at a box of pasta during the pandemic, as he cooked his 100th bowl of penne pasta.

During the most brutal months of the pandemic, just about everyone had a similar experience of staring at the box of pasta, so why not try to reimagine the box’s purpose into something a little more exciting!

The bag is constructed from leather which has been printed on its surface using UV printing technology.

This is a limited edition handbag of 100 units.

All images courtesy of Nik Bentel.

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