Greenpeace launches powerful campaign to expose UK’s plastics policy

By on Wednesday, May 19, 2021

50% of the plastic the British government claims is being recycled is actually being sent overseas – where it ends up being dumped or burned  a Greenpeace investigation has revealed.

This week Greenpeace launches a dramatic new campaign, aimed at exposing the inadequacies of the UK’s plastic policy.

In a satirical video, entitled ‘Wasteminster’, a Spitting Image-type Boris Johnson is depicted being engulfed by plastic waste as he attempts to give a speech.

“Plastic isn’t just a problem for wildlife and our oceans, it’s a problem for people too. Local communities near where UK plastic is dumped and burned are developing serious health issues. This isn’t building back better, this is more rich countries exploiting poorer ones,” Greenpeace said.

The advert concludes with an aerial shot of Westminster to illustrate the full extent of the plastic mountain,  “This is the actual amount of plastic waste the UK dumps on other countries every single day.”

Agency:  Studio Birthplace


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