Dave partners up with CALM to help us get back into the swing of socialising

By on Friday, May 14, 2021

As lockdown restrictions lift and we broach the prospects of meeting up to 30 people outside, tv channel Dave has partnered up with suicide prevention charity, CALM, to help us navigate the social situations that we have come to be somewhat unfamiliar with.

In response to the study commissioned by UKTV’s comedy entertainment channel Dave, which revealed that a whopping 81% being daunted by the return of ‘normality’, Dave and mental health charity, CALM (Campaign Against Living Miserably) created a reintegration guide to aid social situations during Mental Health Awareness Week.

Further findings of the research pinpointed which situations are the most anxiety inducing including with the top 3 being: Greeting etiquette, going to a party of more than six people and interacting with staff and fellow diners in restaurants.

Lockdown has enabled us to wear what we want when we want and despite it getting tense at points, it has allowed us to spend more time with our loved ones which are two things that the research revealed to be the things will miss most from lockdown.

Alongside the ‘conversational cue cards’, Dave enlisted a host of comedians featuring Darren Harriott and Stevie Martin among others, to create five witty video tutorials giving top tips for everything from work meetings in person, to remembering house to dance in public.

The conversational cue cards will also cover the best things about lockdown, to help people find common ground after a year of video chat and time spent with just immediate family.Catch us outside, how about that?



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