Strong Roots creates hilariously honest diet campaign for their Cauliflower Hash Browns

By on Wednesday, March 3, 2021

Strong Roots in partnership with DCX have created a hilarious digital campaign poking fun at ridiculous fad diets and the often misleading marketing tactics that accompany them.

Advertising the Strong Roots staple Cauliflower Hash Browns the actresses talk openly about the various other diets they’ve been paid to promote and lie about, before this job. Unlike all the previous ads they’ve worked on though – Strong Roots aren’t making any wild promises here. “It’s literally just eating hash browns”. 

But don’t worry, the Hash Brown diet is a real concept, with Strong Roots creating a 21-day meal plan built around their hero product that was developed and registered by a dietician. Built on the premise “The best diet is high in what you love.”

Running alongside the campaign is a series of inspirational video clips, motivating exercise tutorials, and scientific-looking charts, all mimicking traditional ‘get fit quick’ marketing guides. If you want to check them out yourself head on over to, where you can get access to a free 60-page CHBD book containing the diet plan and 30 pages of recipes, as well as product coupons!

Influencers are also getting on board with the new diet – doing daily exercises, using various accessories, and showing us their transformations. The accessories include the ‘motivational dangler’ – a headband that dangles a hash brown in front of your face as you work-out or a mask that you can conveniently slip a hash brown into.

“The original goal of the campaign was to grow Strong Roots’ email list in preparation for an eCommerce solution they are putting in place,” said Doug Cameron, chief strategy and creative officer of DCX Growth Accelerator. “When we saw the tactics being used by other diet programs, for example, Noom, the idea to emulate their marketing style really fell into place.”

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