Mojo Supermarket makes a splash with hilarious jab at crappy Super Bowl commercials

By on Tuesday, February 2, 2021

Mojo Supermarket an NYC- based creative agency has created the Money Toilet in response to the flurry of terrible adverts that appear each year during the Super Bowl break.

It’s no secret that big brands see the Super Bowl as their time to shine, often backed by big campaigns and even bigger budgets, the sad truth is that many of these ads will be forgotten only days later.

Mojo Supermarket saw an opportunity to streamline this process and help companies waste this money more effectively. Their new device, the money toilet promises to help marketers senselessly flush their big budgets down the drain without the hassle of social media plans or creative meetings.

“We want to end this era of creating forgettable, meaningless advertising and then paying five million dollars to force people to watch,” commented Mo. “If you create something interesting, or funny, or meaningful to people, they’ll become your media plan.”

As expected and in classic infomercial style, the ad was aired during the Super Bowl on Sunday, targeting the very people that had paid millions to have their big ‘impressive’ ad sit beside it.

The ad leads people to the website where people can purchase their own Money Toilets, unfortunately, they’ve all now sold out but they’re expecting more in stock soon.

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