The M Effect: McDonald’s Pays Tribute to Children in Lockdown in Beautiful Billboard Campaign

By on Monday, January 4, 2021

As a result of the pandemic and lockdown restrictions, many of the fun things that children love to do have been closed. Kids can forget sleepovers or playing at their friends’ houses. The swimming pools, amusement parks, zoos, cinemas, and restaurants are all closed as well.

One of the few pleasures they’ve been granted is a ride to the McDrive at McDonald’s. Because picking up meals through the drive-thru is still allowed in Belgium.

Therefore, McDonald’s Belgium decided to pay a tribute to all those kids who’ve been staring out the window for months in search of a glimpse of hope, and who are occasionally rewarded for their patience.

Advertising agency TBWA has brilliantly summarised the feeling that children have when they spot the golden arches. Working with professional Belgian photographer, Jef Boes the photographs focus on the excitement in the child’s eyes as they look out of the car window. The images are so expressive that no text or signature was needed to convey the message.

The campaign is rolled out on posters, print ads, and social networks.

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