Papa John’s introduces New Spice Guy

By on Monday, July 6, 2020

“Hello ladies, look at your man, now back to me…”. Possibly one of the most recognisable and successful opening lines in the recent history of advertising for Old Spice, has been reapplied to the spiciness of your pizza.

To launch its new range of spicy pizzas Papa John’s (UK) has parodied the iconic Old Spice ads, featuring Old Spice Man played by Isiah Mustafa.

The famous series of ads, which have been running since 2010, have been given a very British twist and aimed at a Gen Z audience. In place of Isiah, enter Love Island winner Luke Trotman, who launched the campaign to his 1.5m followers on Instagram, as New Spice Guy.

The digital content riffs of many of the familiar lines and visual style from the originals but makes virtue of the absence of budget, such as replacing white stallion with a cheap camel prop. Spicy, indeed.

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