McCann turns Japan Railways into a TRAINing opportunity

By on Monday, January 27, 2020

A new app developed by McCann Health Japan and Japanese fitness club JEXER is turning riding the train into a fully fledged fitness experience, all thanks to some clever Geofencing technology.

Using what can be found in the train car – a seat, a pole and a hand strap – the app coaches the user through physical or mental exercises as they travel.

The app coordinates with beacons installed in the train cars to provide the optimal training program for each user depending on travel time, boarding location and congestion status of the train. The user’s training history is visualised in the app using graphs and badges, motivating continued use and travel.

Developed under the supervision of fitness programmers and instructors, the app takes an ordinary part of everyday life for those living in Tokyo and transforms it into an opportunity for better health management.

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