VOO Telecom creates ‘modern art’ with lagged imagery to promote faster internet

By on Tuesday, November 5, 2019

To promote its faster internet, Belgium’s biggest Telco challenger VOO have created posters that look like modern art at first sight, but are in fact screenshots of failed video calls.

We’re all familiar with the frustrating experience of video calling someone with a slow internet connection, so VOO Telecom have created a campaign to promote their internet that is up to four times faster than the competition.

These VOO ‘Video Call Art’ posters are featured as ‘modern art’ posters at the KIKK Festival this week, one of Belgium’s most important modern & digital art festivals.

Visitors will think that they’re viewing real modern art, but will find out after reading a subtle line of copy that these are actually enlarged real screenshots of video calls with a lagging internet.

The copy reads: “It’s cool when it’s modern art. It sucks when it’s a video call. Switch to the fastest internet of VOO.”



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