Ice Sculpture of Greta Thunberg erected in Trafalgar Square

By on Monday, October 7, 2019

Last week, creatives Alissa Khan-Whelan, Chris Godfrey and CJ Brown erected a melting ice sculpture of climate activist Greta Thunberg in Trafalgar Square coined #GretaIceberg.

Designed to melt throughout the day to reflect the dramatic change in our planet’s climate, a “powerful representation of climate change and the plight the world is in.” The sculpture comes with an open letter to the London Mayor Sadiq Khan petitioning for a permanent sculpture in recognition of Thunberg’s work in “inspiring a generation to fearless take on world leaders in the fight to halt climate change”.

The team, who are behind The Instagram Egg now hosting 53 million likes, have explained in a statement that “Great Thunberg is a representation of youth and courage after successfully invigorating the climate debate that was failing to get the attention it deserved. After being targeted online by older and more powerful men for her personality, tone of voice and even her Asperger’s, that state exists to stand with Greta, focusing on her message rather than the emotion behind it”.

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