This insurance company installs billboards that illuminate dangerous roads at night

By on Saturday, March 16, 2019

An Argentinian insurance company has been using its billboards to stop traffic accidents.

La Caja located some of the most dangerous roads and curves in Argentina and set up advertising billboards that illuminate the road instead of the actual billboard during the night.

By day the poster reads “to see this curve is more important than see our poster”

According to project director Juan Cruz Bazterrica, one of the biggest challenges was finding the right place to put the billboards: “We had to identify the most dangerous curves around Argentina, and then find out if it was even possible to place the billboards there. We then had to find out how big the billboard needed to be to light the roads properly at night. We had huge help from the National Road Safety Organisation to assist us and make sure the billboards where correctly angled and the lights avoided the oncoming traffic.”

In January Clear Channel Sweden lent its digital billboards to help Stockholm’s homeless find their nearest shelter through new innovative technology.

Agency: TBWA\Buenos Aires

h/t Little Black Book

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