Dove, Getty Images, Girlgaze create largest stock photo library ever to represent real women

By on Friday, March 29, 2019

Dove, Getty Images and Girlgaze have created the largest stock photo library ever to represent real women.

The 5,000 images designed to shatter stereotypes and encourage websites to use a photos of a more diverse range of people when publishing stories, feature 179 women from 39 countries and have been shot by 116 women and non-binary individuals.

As Galvani, Dove marketing chief, explains, “Our research has shown that 67 per cent of women are calling for brands to step up and start taking responsibility for the stock imagery they use and, because of this, we wish to make a real systematic change in the way media and advertisers depict women.”

Dove research, has also shown that 7 in 10 women struggle with body image and unrealistic standards due to the constant bombardment of beauty standards.

Adding to this, Dr Rebecca Swift, creative insights director at Getty Images, commented: “While we’ve seen a positive shift in the popularity of photography that realistically represents women, there’s a lot more to be done. Project #ShowUs will break visual clichés on an unprecedented scale, and we invite all media and advertisers to join the movement.”

“For the first time on Getty Images, every individual that our 179 photographers have shot has personally defined their own search descriptions and tags for their images, allowing them to define their beauty in their own language, on their own terms, ensuring they feel realistically represented.”

By @tohugapenguin

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