Instagram’s most liked egg revealed as part of mental health campaign

By on Tuesday, February 5, 2019

That record-breaking Instagram egg has become an ambassador for a mental health initiative.

Uploaded on January 4th, the now infamous yet innocuous egg challenged the world to make it the most liked post on Instagram. Reaching over 52 million likes, it quickly surpassed all others – knocking Kylie Jenner’s post off the top spot.

However over the course of subsequent posts, the egg began showing cracks; appearing more fragile with every new upload.

Since the egg’s initial appearance many have suspected it was part of some viral marketing campaign. It has now been revealed that the egg is in fact part of a mental health initiative acting as a fitting metaphor for the crushing negative effects social media can have.

In an animated video released on the account yesterday, the damaged egg introduced itself to the world before admitting that the pressure of its social media popularity was the cause of the previously seen “cracks”.

Using the hashtag #Talkingegg, it implores others facing similar struggles to reach out, talk to someone and seek help.

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