YouTube Rewind 2018 celebrates the moments that defined the year

By on Saturday, December 8, 2018

Introduced by Will Smith the eighth YouTube rewind has launched and celebrates the year’s pop culture trends and memes and celebrities.

The look back at the year has already drawn 45 Million views.

There’s an homage to gaming sensation, Fortnite, and the Baby Shark song plus segments from popular creators such as Trevor Noah, John Oliver, Adam Rippon, Trixie Mattel, James Charles, Liza Koshy, Marques Brownlee, Emma Chamberlain, Lilly Singh and Markiplier.

However the Verge reports that reaction from the YouTube community has been hostile.

‘Jake and Logan Paul don’t appear in this year’s Rewind. Neither does KSI. PewDiePie, David Dobrik, Shane Dawson, and Erika Costell — some of the most talked-about YouTube creators this year — are also absent. It’s unclear who was asked and who wasn’t, but their absences are some of the biggest questions fans have after watching the video.’

There are more than 3.9 Million downvotes on the video at the time of this writing.

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