Ford creates noise-cancelling kennel for dogs

By on Wednesday, December 19, 2018

Ford have found a solution for scared pets during firework shows by creating a noise-cancelling doghouse.

Dogs have extremely sensitive hearing as they can hear a much wider range of sound frequencies that humans can, and they can do so from four times further away.  That makes the unnatural noise from fireworks especially loud and stressful to them, with 50% of dogs showing signs of fear at fireworks. Ford, however, might provide some relief.

Like the technology in some headphones and Ford’s own Edge SUV, the kennel detects explosions with microphones and counteracts them by pumping out frequencies that mitigate the sounds or eliminate them altogether. The body includes soundproofing cork panels, anti-vibration risers and even soundproofed ventilation, while an automatic door helps your pooch quickly take shelter.

Ford hasn’t announced pricing or availability for the hi-tech kennel, which remains a promotional prototype for the time being.

By caitlin_marsh

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