Pop up to help refugees opens on Black Friday

By on Friday, November 23, 2018

Black Friday is often marred by scenes of consumerism at its most anarchic in shops across the world as shoppers scramble to bag a bargain for themselves or those nearest and dearest ahead of the festive season.

However, a little pop up shop set by London’s Carnaby Street is offering a vastly different shopping experience to anywhere else on the high street this Black Friday.

“Choose Love” is a shop where customers walk in with money to spend but leave with nothing for themselves – instead inside are a plethora of items from warm clothes to food available to purchase which will then be delivered to help refugees this Christmas.

 Josie Naughton, Chief Executive of Help Refugees, the organisation behind the store, said: “When you look at the stats of how much money is spent on Black Friday and compare that to the need in the world, it’s quite shocking. We just really wanted to show there was another way to look at consumerism and another way to look at Black Friday.”

“We could never ever have predicted the success of the store. The way people have responded to it was amazing. People were coming into the physical shop, see a child’s boot and burst into tears. The store showcases children’s shoes and coats to humanise a refugee crisis that’s largely spoken about in numbers”

2018 marks the second year the project has run with last year seeing over £750,000 raised – the equivalent of 800,000 meals, 5,000 blankets, 11,000 items of clothing and 77,000 packs of nappies, as well as accommodation and other essential items.

Open from today until Christmas, shoppers can head on down to the store based at 30-32 Foubert’s Place, W1F 7PS or visit their online shop here to support the cause.

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