Channel 4’s twitter account tweets insults for charity

By on Friday, October 26, 2018

Followers of Channel 4’s twitter account may be somewhat surprised today as its tweets included telling Piers Morgan to ‘go f**** himself’.

Not to fear though – this isn’t the work of a rebellious social media manager but is in fact a new incentive to raise money for the charity Stand Up to Cancer.

Channel 4, who are hosting Stand Up To Cancer tonight, released a donation menu on their twitter page earlier today. In exchange for donations to the charity, the account will perform a range of tasks for you with insulting Piers Morgan so far being the most visible online.

£5 gets a Twitter follower, £10 will see the account creatively insult you or ask out your Twitter crush on your behalf. For £20, they’ll retweet you, rate your meals or ask your boss to give you a raise. For £250, you can have feedback from a commissioner on your TV show pitch.

At the highest end of the scale – parting with £1000 will buy you a personal training session with Jason Fox.

Channel 4 hosts Stand Up to Cancer tonight from 9pm.

By @SophieRafter

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