One of Ireland’s most famous statues is fronting a new breast cancer awareness campaign.

By on Friday, October 26, 2018

An Irish cancer charity made an important change to one of Dublin’s most famous statues.

The buxom statue of Molly Malone is one of Ireland’s most recognisable and Instagram-ed monuments, attracting hordes of tourists daily.

But would anyone notice the addition of a lump to one of her breasts?

The Marie Keating Foundation added a small, temporary, lump to the side of one of the breasts on the statue of Molly Malone to raise awareness of the importance of self-checking.

Liz Yeates CEO of the Marie Keating Foundation said: “Early detection saves lives. It’s that simple. Through its nursing outreach and cancer awareness campaigns, the Marie Keating Foundation promotes the importance of being aware of the signs and symptoms of all the common cancers. This year we are marking 20 years fighting cancer following the passing of Marie Keating, another proud Dublin woman, from breast cancer 20 years ago. If Marie had been more aware of what to look out for and gone to her doctor sooner she would most likely still be alive today.”

spotted on AOL

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