Fortnite “Loot Llamas” appear across Europe

By on Tuesday, July 10, 2018

Chances are, whether you have children or not, you have already heard of Fortnite. What started off as a simple free-to-play offering on the battle-Royale formula has now transcended into a world-wide gaming phenomenon.

With Season 5 fast approaching, fans of the game have been delighted this week to find real life versions of the game’s “Loot Llama” out and about across the globe.

So far spotted in places such as London, Cologne and Barcelona; fans are now speculating whether other well-known Fortnite faces are still waiting to be discovered in less trodden locations.

Last week the aptly named “Durr Burger” was found out in the middle of a California desert – so who knows what else might still be out there!

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