Navabi reminds us that there isn’t one type of ‘beach body’ in new campaign

By on Friday, May 4, 2018

Although there is undoubtedly still room for progression with body positivity and diversity in the advertising industry, there has been a noticeable improvement as brands strive to make more positive statements. The online retail company Navabi, that stocks sizes 16+, reminds us of this by re-creating Protein Worlds controversial ‘Beach Body Ready’ campaign from 2015 but with a twist.

To refresh peoples memory, in 2015 Protein World launched a campaign asking “Are You Beach Body Ready?”. The posters were bright yellow with a bikini clad, athletic model accompanying the text and could be seen all over tubes, buses and shopping centres. Protein World then received a lot of backlash for suggesting that there is only one type of body that belongs on the beach.

Three years later, Navabi have used the same format style as this Protein World campaign. However, they have used three plus size influencers (Bethany Rutter, Lauren Tallulah Smeets, and Stephanie Yeboah)and reads “We’re Beach Body Ready, three years on: a little reminder”.

Stephanie states, “it’s important for everyone to know that our bodies are fine…and that we don’t need to conform in order to be seen as desirable, or beautiful.” Indeed, the tagline Navabi have used to accompany the campaign is “at Navabi we believe you’re beach body ready just the way you are. Enjoy your life. Love your body.”

Source: Independent 

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