Tibet and Yorkshire set for CONIFA World Football Cup

By on Friday, May 4, 2018

The World Cup is coming to London this summer – the CONIFA World Football Cup, that is.

CONIFA, who have teamed up with Paddy Power for the tournament, are the confederation of independent football associations – i.e. the rebels and wildcards of world football who FIFA refuse to recognise.

Kicking off on May 31 competing teams will include the exiled people of Tibet, the Zimbabwean region of Matabeleland, and, erm, the tax haven of the Isle of Man.

The organisation’s newest member is Yorkshire, who officially became a country when they were recognised by the body in January.

To promote the tournament, Paddy Power have released their first ever documentary series.

The series will be updated weekly in the build-up to the kick-off of CONIFA on May 31st.

Spokesman Paddy Power said: “We love the idea of a tournament which represents the underdog, and sticks one up FIFA. English fans have little or no incentive to go to Russia, so we thought we’d give them an alternative right on the doorstep. No millionaires, no prima donnas, just decent lads who are every bit as patriotic as every other international player.”

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