Daisy May Cooper wears character inspired dress to the BATFA TV awards

By on Wednesday, May 16, 2018

Usually the outfits worn by those attending the BAFTA Television awards are associated with glitz and glam. However, this year Daisy May Cooper, star of BBC Three mockumentary This Country, wore a red polyester crepe football dress and people are loving her for it.

Daisy attended the BAFTA TV awards on 13th May 2018 and received a lot of attention for her unique dress. The dress proudly reflects her character Kerry Mucklowe from This Country with  “Swindon” printed in bold white writing on the front and her characters surname,”Mucklowe” on the back. Daisy said that “I just decided it had to be done, because Kerry wears Swindon, we’re doing it for the south-west.”

The dress was made by Fiona Hesford who has said that she wasn’t confident that Daisy would end up actually wearing the dress. She commented, “I thought she might bottle out at the last minute but watching the event live on the red carpet, we suddenly glimpsed her wearing the dress and we all screamed.”

Daisy won Best Female Comedy Performance and This Country won Scripted Comedy award.

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