Xbox publishes Real Madrid vs Juventus match report translated into Fifa 18 button controls

By on Thursday, April 26, 2018

Xbox have published a unique take on the Real Madrid vs Juventus game with a new advert in the Evening Standard to promote Fifa 18.

Their ad covered some of the highlights of the game in the form of a typical match report with one big difference; each of the major plays were described using the controls for the game in place of words.

Laurence Thomson, co-president and chief creative officer at McCann London, the agency behind the campaign said, “On Xbox, every button combination represents a different move. For the match report, we analysed all the individual moves of the highlights – such as passes, crosses, dribbles, and more – and translated them into the corresponding button combinations.”

This then allowed players to, in essence, recreate the highlights from the game using the button instructions laid out in the advert.

Thompson added, “We had to promote the game in a new, innovative way. Therefore, we wanted to create a piece of content that was truly useful for all the football and gaming fans out there. Instead of just telling you to buy the game, this match report teaches you how to play the game. And what better inspiration than the gigantic clash between footballing giants Real Madrid and Juventus?”

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