Diva Mariah Carey stays in a hostel for new ad spot

By on Tuesday, April 10, 2018

Following Lindsey Lohan for Lawyer.com in the trend of unlikely celebrity spokespeople, the notoriously diva-ish Mariah Carey has been chosen to front the new advert campaign for Hostelworld.

The fittingly glitzy advert acts to reveal the little known luxury of hostels as we see Mariah and her entourage arrive to discover that they have been booked into a hostel by mistake. Although doubtful at first, Mariah is left so ecstatic with the facilities (namely the bar), she ends the ad spot with a show stopping performance of her hit “Fantasy” proving that “even Divas are believers”.

Global head of brand at Hostelworld Marek Mossakowski explains “Many people still don’t realise just how much hostels have changed over the past decade. Now they’ve got all the facilities you’d expect from expensive accommodation, but with at an affordable price and with a ready-made community of like-minded travellers to share experiences with.”

So surely, if Hostelworld is good enough for Mariah then it’s good enough for everyone.

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