Sylvanian Families unveil ‘petite haute couture’ collection on London’s Regent Street

By on Thursday, March 22, 2018

London’s Regent Street may be used to seeing its fair share of fashion shows, but this morning a new line of “haute couture” was unveiled in a show unlike any other.

With models measuring in at a tiny 9.5cm (19 times smaller than average)  the world’s smallest fashion show took place, naturally, on the world’s smallest catwalk, measuring just 100cm by 40cm. The new line, Stella by Sylvanian Families despite its size, does not lose any of the intricacies of its regular sized counterparts as the detailing is couture quality, just in miniature.

The outfits in the collection feature crystals, embroidery, lace, faux leather and even gold chains with styles ranging from modernised Victorian glamour to glitzy 80’s style numbers (which are apparently totally in fashion right now).

The automated catwalk shows off the 40 bespoke items with the obligatory, “finale style” diamond-encrusted wedding gown rounding the show off.

Inspiration for the range comes from the new Sylvanian Families Town – a sophisticated urban environment very different from brand’s traditional rural village.

You can catch the world’s smallest catwalk on display in the Hamleys window on London’s Regent Street from today until the 2nd May with another catwalk also on display until the 24th March. After that, for those outside the capital, the collection will be going on tour around the UK  as part of a Sylvanian Families roadshow at intu shopping centres.




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