Shocking gift shop highlights the signs of an abusive relationship

By on Saturday, February 24, 2018

The One Love Foundation opened the ‘Love Better’ shop to highlight some of the warning signs of abusive relationships

The shop was fitted out like a regular Valentine’s store and filled with red balloons, teddy bears and chocolates

On closer examination shoppers were shocked to see some of the messages that these gifts were promoting.

There shops merchandise included a GPS tracker disguised as a heart-shaped pendant, an aggressive ‘mood swing teddy bear’ a chocolate selection box that reads “I love you. But maybe you should watch your weight.”

Serving as an extension of its #LoveBetter campaign, each gift was designed to raise awareness of the warning signs of an abusive relationship.

“The products all do and say surprising things,” explains Katie Hood, CEO of One Love, a nonprofit dedicated to educating people about how to have healthier relationships and creator of the Love Better shop.

“When you press on the toy bear and it says something disrespectful versus ‘I love you,’ it makes you think about the little things you do every day.”

Our Verdict: Brilliantly disruptive

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