Absolut Vodka staff star in naked promotion for brand transparency

By on Thursday, February 8, 2018

Alexandre Ricard, Pernod Ricard’s chief executive, has appeared naked in advertising campaign for the group’s Swedish vodka brand, Absolut.

Styled as “the vodka with nothing to hide” Absolut hope to champion sustainability and brand transparency in the film, which takes the style of a tongue-in-cheek employee induction video – with a twist.

Referencing Absolut Vodka’s CO2 neutral distillation process and sustainable ethos, viewers are invited on a revealing journey.

This film featuring 28 real Absolut employees appear completely in the nude (with tactful pixilation).

Explaining his decision to strip off, to the Financial Times Mr Ricard said: “I spend a lot of my time as I travel saying that we need creativity and audacity. Somebody said: ‘Walk the walk’. If you want to engage with consumers, you have to be creative and audacious.”

Craig Johnson, VP Global Marketing said; “Absolut has always believed in using its voice to promote change and we are proud to champion sustainability and transparency in our industry. We feel it’s now more important than ever to let our customers know, we have nothing to hide!”


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