Airbnb and Blue Planet team up to offer fans a Baha-MAZING experience

By on Tuesday, January 30, 2018

Everyone has been feeling a bit, well, blue since to the end of the Blue Planet II run where we followed the national treasure, David Attenborough, through a deep blue sea experience 10 years in the making.

Thankfully Airbnb and Blue Planet II have teamed up to give three lucky winners the chance to experience an Attenborough-esque trip to the Bahamas in Blue Planet’s trusty explorer vessel the Alucia.

Virtually following Attenborough through the deep sea is already mind boggling enough, imagine living the experience accompanied by Blue Planet II’s producer, Orla Doherty!

Although the voyage sounds like a tropical dream, Doherty has expressed that passengers should “leave the high heels and tie pins at home” as the crew will be conducting an ACTUAL research trip.

To win a voyage on the Alucia, contestants must write, in 50-550 characters, the answer to the following prompt;

“You don’t need to be an astronaut to discover a new world. Our oceans are teeming with bizarre species and dramatic, alien-like landscapes. Tell us about your ideal deep sea adventure — what do you dream of exploring beneath the waves?” The submissions will be judged by a Blue Planet team who are looking for original, creative, and responsive answers!

Winners will get a chance to stay in a spacious two bed room with a view of the sea, share their meals with the on-board team, and discuss the research the Blue Planet team conduct in order to create these absolutely mind-blowing documentaries!

Guests have been warned not to skinny-dip or take selfies with the fish. Fishing and night swimming are also forbidden.

For a chance to travel on Alucia, hopefuls need to visit the Blue Planet listing page on Airbnb

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