You can vote on which brand-new KFC burger should be added to the menu!

By on Thursday, December 7, 2017

KFC has launched a competition which will see customers being able to choose which burger, out of two, will make it onto the menu.

KFC customers can now vote on which new burger should be added to the menu

KFC has announced an internal ‘Dragons Hen’ (hehe) competition for KFC team members to come up with the most original burger recipes and find the next big thing.

The competition received thousands of entries from KFC employees all over the country, with a taste test for the top five, which were then cut down to the top two – the El Diablo and #Burger.

The El Diablo burger was created by James Foxton, a Team Leader from KFC Durham City Retail Park, and features a crispy Zinger fillet on a bed of jalapeno mayo and Piri Piri hot sauce. It’s topped with a slice of Mexicana cheese and crunchy nachos, finished with a paprika dusted bun.

The #Burger was developed by Rick Holt from the KFC Recruitment team. Placed on fan-favourite Supercharger sauce, two Original Recipe mini fillets are stacked and topped with Monteray Jack cheese. Two more Original Recipe mini fillets are positioned and then topped with crispy bacon, chilli jam and another slice of Monteray Jack cheese.

Fans now need to head over to the voting page and pick their winner! Voting closes on 12th December and the winning burger will be featured on the menu at the winner’s chosen restaurant.

This is a great PR stunt from KFC (one of many recently, they’re on a roll!), not only does it get the employees involved and excited, the public can then decide which of these delicious burgers will get to feature on the menu – which will be a huge compliment to the winner. KFC are allowing their employees and customers to have a say on what’s happening with the menu, which makes everyone feel quite loved!

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