There is a limited edition of a burger…. that’s made entirely of cheese

By on Friday, December 1, 2017

Now, everyone likes cheese, and everyone likes burgers, but takeaway gods, Hungry House, launched a limited edition, one day only burger, that is made entirely of cheese!

Hungry House were selling this awesome creation for one day only on Wednesday 29th November, to be delivered today – I’m so jealous.

Now, it’s not just a regular burger made of cheese, that’s too boring to Hungry House, this is The Ultimate Cheese Burger – which feeds up to four people – and includes nine different cheeses. The bun is made of mature cheddar cheese with mozzarella seeds, there’s a soft creamy Camembert patty, Baby Bel gherkins, and strong Red Leicester cheese tomatoes. The burger is then topped off with German smoked cheese onion rings, Stilton cheese relish, and layers of nutty Edam and American cheese lettuce. IT’S A LOT OF CHEESE!

Shockingly, this only cost £14.99 from the Hungry House website and while this was a one day only deal, I’m so sure that Hungry House made a LOT of money on this.

It’s an incredible PR stunt and the fact that is was exclusive to a day would drive an insane amount of traffic to their website and of course, the media loved it!

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