Sweaty Christmas jumpers are now a thing

By on Friday, December 1, 2017

It’s the first of December so cue the Christmas themed products! That being said I quite like this one, it’s a bit different and plays on the trend that people like to wear horrible Christmas jumpers.

Four friends, Eric Drommerhausen, Kevin Knutson, Garrick Willhite and Scott Dahl have created the world’s first-ever Christmas product inspired by people who sweat too much, and coined it the ‘The ugly sweater sweater‘ – I really like the pun.

It’s pretty simple, the jumper has Christmas patterns that look like the person has sweated them. Three designs are available; a snowman, tree and gingerbread man, at the outrageous price of $39.95.

It hasn’t done that well press wise, but was picked up by Mashable and The Inquisitr.


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