‘Up yours, I quit’ vandalised car WAS a PR stunt, and here’s who was behind it

By on Tuesday, October 17, 2017

There’s a slim chance you missed it last week, but in probability given the make-up of this site’s readers, you will have spotted the story of the ‘up yours, I quit’ vandalised car in Leeds.

It was covered widely by the UK nationals, and picked up steam across social media.

It was clear to the trained eye that it was a PR stunt of sorts – and now we know the answer.

The idea, leaning heavily on this debunked stunt (when a Range Rover was left outside Harrods in London, covered with graffiti including the words ‘cheater’ and ‘hope she was worth it’), was a campaign.

Dubbed the ‘best resignation letter ever’, the story was revealed in this tweet by the company behind it (with a video that is playing silly buggers and won’t embed properly in this post).

Multilotto is an international lottery jackpot site, and decided to create the campaign based on the perhaps unsurprising survey finding that showed that the majority of people would quit their job if they won the lottery.

A nice idea and a good reveal video – the hard work for the client and the team behind it presumably starts now in ensuring that the reveal brings about the necessary second bump. Well, ladies and gents, if link-building is an emphasis – and given the busy marketplace of lottery sites, I’m going to guess it is and was – there’s a follow link up there ^ for your troubles (and report :)).

Involved agency: Umpf

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