Lyft teams up with Netflix to offer people trips to the ‘Upside Down’

By on Friday, October 27, 2017

Stranger Things fans rejoice! Or cower in fear (your choice) as Lyft prepares to take you to the Upside Down to celebrate the launch of the long-awaited second series.

Craving a trip to another world? You might just want to grab a ride from Lyft this weekend. In honour of season two, the ride-sharing app has teamed up with Netflix to create a special experiential ride and in-app experience.

From Thursday October 26 to Friday October 27, fans of the Netflix original nationwide can opt into “Strange Mode.” In Strange Mode, users will witness some of the iconic Stranger Things elements in the actual app. Think animated vehicles that look like waffles, Christmas lights, and the red Stranger Things logo.

Not enough for you? Lucky passengers in Los Angeles and Philadelphia can also request a special Strange car for an in-car experience like no other.

As the ride begins, passengers can expect a “glitchy” app, radio static, an, er, interesting driver, flickering lights, and many other nods to the show. No spoilers, but check out the promo video below for a look at the creepiest ride of your life…

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