Kettle Chips upgrade London office workers lunches

By on Thursday, September 7, 2017

Free lunch? Don’t mind if I do! Kettle Chips’ new stunt has given Londoners on their lunch break just this, however they did need some persuading…

An undercover actor was hired by Kettle Chips to encourage office workers to upgrade their dull lunches in a park in London – the stunt was filmed with hidden cameras and documented the comedic actor as he struggles to get people to have lunch with him, but through some great British humour and charm successfully filled a lively table of strangers.

The idea of the stunt was to upgrade your lunch with Kettle Chips, which is on brand considering Kettle Chips are the posh, slightly more expensive version of Walkers. The lunch participants were completely clueless as to why this strange man in a suit was pestering them to join him and offering free, quintessentially British food, however all was revealed with a magic trick revealing the kettle chips and ultimately ‘upgrading’ the worker’s originally boring lunchtime.

The stunt used the hashtag #kettleupgrade but unfortunately didn’t get as much attention as they may have hoped.

However, the undercover video was posted on YouTube and has got over two hundred thousand views. The stunt is on brand and created some funny content that Kettle Chips can share, all in all not a bad campaign.

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