Lyft and Taco Bell introduce ‘Taco Mode’ to hungry travellers

By on Thursday, July 27, 2017

For years the ‘can we bring our food in the taxi, please?’ has been asked by hungry travellers on their way home from nights out, parties and late night events. However, people can now book a stop at one the US’s favourite take away’s as a part of their journey, before the taxi even arrives.

This is thanks to Lyft and Taco Bell, who have partnered to bring the ‘Taco Mode’ to the Lyft app. The ‘Taco Mode’ feature allows travellers to request a stop off at their nearest Taco Bell on their way home.

The tester period for the campaign will be carried out in a small region around the Newport Beach location with taco logos within the app, branded taco-themed vehicles and in-car menus.

Despite the lift-sharing service will be giving drivers a chance to opt-in or out.Although many Lyft drivers have voiced their annoyance at the ‘Taco Mode’ feature being added.

Whilst this is quite clearly a great piece of marketing, it also has a lot of potential and could turn out to work very well for both companies. Lyft is Uber’s direct competitor, and with a service like this being offered by one and not the other, some may make the switch over to Lyft.

The two companies have tapped into the tradition of getting food after a night out, and getting a taxi home, which almost everybody who’s ever been on a night out will relate to. It’s a good campaign because although it is just a brand partnership, the concept behind it is a good one.

You can watch the launch video below:



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